Showcase calls for a higher degree of talent

The MSU Talent Showcase preliminary round gives attendees something to do on Feb. 14 in Howard Hall.

“It’s a great date night!” Brent Ekblad, a member of the American Choral Directors Association (ACDA) and one of the organizers of the showcase, joked about the overlap with Valentine’s Day. At 7 p.m. in Reynolds Recital Hall, applicants will be performing a variety of acts from music to magic for the judges and audience. Performers will be evaluated on a variety of criteria, such as their entertainment factor and stage presence, and about twelve will continue to the second night.

With the $10 application fee, performers get the chance to display their talents to the MSU population at large and the event’s panel of judges. If they make it past the preliminary round into the second night, they then have the chance to win a $200 cash prize. The two-day process assures a higher degree of talent than the average high school talent show.

Attendees are in for a surprise on audition night, if they choose to spend their Valentine’s evening in Reynolds Recital Hall. The judges and organizers don’t yet know the entirety of the acts that will be performed, or what they will entail, but an emphasis is being placed this year on variety. Ekblad said that they hope to see “people from all over campus; something we wouldn’t normally get to see in Reynolds Hall.”

Though there is no charge to attend audition night, there is a $5 charge for students and $7 general admission charge for the night of the final show on Friday, Feb. 15 — which, with luck, isn’t a bad price for a second date.