MSU Alert Text System hacked by girl desperate for Valentine

An MSU Alert text message sent out Wednesday evening at 11:14 p.m. read “MSU Alert: Single female student desperately needs a Valentine. Please report to MSU police station immediately if single, 19, and resembling Edward Cullen.” The text was the result of a breach of security in the system, not an actual emergency, according to sources in the IT department.

According to University Police Chief Bob Putsy, four men had responded to the police station by midnight, but “none of them looked like Edward Cullen, so we sent them away.”

When asked whether or not he would respond to the alert text, one male engineering student and Edward Cullen look-alike replied, “A Valentine? Yeah, I might want one of those. Don’t hold me to it, though.”

The effort of the hacker, whose identity remains unknown, has caused quite a stir among the MSU technical community. Some MSU officials have been outspoken with their criticism of the system, but Inspiron Logistics, the provider of the alert service, tweeted, “Text alert hacker just wanted Valentine. #NotEvenMad #JustImpressed #BeMine?”

Despite widespread attention to the scandal, at press time no Edward Cullen look-alikes had replied to the girl’s efforts.