Date Auction breaks ice for charity

By Ally Pickeral

At 8 p.m. in the Hannon Dining Hall on Feb. 1, eligible bachelors and bachelorettes will be lined up, waiting to impress anyone who chooses to attend the Hannon Date Auction. An annual event, the auction serves as a fundraiser with a focus on local charities, with the proceeds of this year’s auction going to Eagle Mount, an organization whose mission is “to provide quality therapeutic recreational opportunities for people with disabilities and young people with cancer, and to provide support for families of participants.” The auction has been a great success in the past, and last year raised $1,500.

The date auction kicks off this semester’s Residence Hall Association (RHA) events in a grand fashion and will be one of the bigger events put on by RHA for the remainder of this school year. Unlike previous years, there will be a theme to the auction, adding a bit more flair than the Valentine’s Day motif used in the past. The plan for this year is a Titanic theme, complete with a ship and iceberg, and according to Nick Vergara, one of the organizers and president of the Hannon/Quads RHA, it should be a grand spectacle.

“For freshmen, it’s really partaking in one of the biggest on-campus events, and for returning students, it will be something new,” Vergara said of the changes. Another organizer and the Hannon/Quads Assistant Resident Director, Kenny Patrick, said that with a new theme and “new feel, it’s practically a new event.”

Anyone who chooses to go to the date auction will have the chance to bid on a date of their choosing. A winning bid means going with the newly-bought date to a group dinner on Feb. 2 at 6 p.m. at Ferraro’s Italian & Steak Restaurant. It’s an opportunity to raise money for charity, interact with RHA and participate in a community event, especially for students on campus.

According to Vergara, “Everyone in RHA is really excited.” They’ve put in work to make the date auction a rewarding event for all parties, bidders and auctionees.  Organizers want everyone to have a good time, and Vergara is expecting “some picture perfect moments” from the night.