Seniors to showcase final photo projects

Many students at MSU publish or exhibit their academic works, complete with bibliographies, hours spent working on citations and research, and sometimes sweat and tears. Instead of defending theses or presenting papers, however, seniors in MSU’s photography program will proudly show the more visual results of their time at MSU in an exhibit at the Baxter Hotel.

The Senior Thesis Exhibit will unveil the years of work students have put into honing their skills, resulting in this final project. Gwendolyn Courtney, a senior who will be exhibiting her work, noted that “these projects demonstrate the most accomplished work we have ever completed.” Another senior, Madison Perrins, eloquently stated that photography “allows you to put out into the world the stirrings of deeper meaning within yourself,” which these projects express.

Courtney emphasized the omnipresent strain of creating such a project. “Completing these projects is extremely emotionally and financially draining,” she said, and pointed out “some of us have travelled miles or spent hours and hours alone to complete our projects.”

Courtney credited the photography program faculty as a huge help in dealing with the stress and complications that arise while completing these projects. “All of the faculty, especially Alexis Pike and Chris Anderson, our mentors for the semester, have the amazing ability to pull a concise answer out of our seemingly complicated mess of problems,” she said.

The Senior Thesis Exhibit will take place at the Baxter Hotel on Dec. 13 from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. There is no cost to attend. Appetizers will be served, a cash bar will be available for drinks and a live jazz trio will perform. For more information or to look at each photographer’s work, check out their website at