Five unusual, versatile kitchen tools

Quirky kitchen tools can both bring excitement to the kitchen and give you a reputation as the coolest chef in town. Maybe I shouldn’t go that far, but even amateur chefs can appreciate a good gadget. These are five of the most useful and perhaps unusual tools you can’t go without in your kitchen:

1. Every college student (over 21) has to have this gadget — a flash-drive bottle-opener combo. So, you can go straight from printing your ever-important research paper to opening the ever-important beer you’ve been waiting to drink since you started that paper the night before. You can put it on your keychain for easy access, and if you think it will be a good addition to your staple tools, you might also want to add the collapsible shot glass.

2. The finger guard. If you do a lot of chopping in your kitchen, this one could save a few fingers. It is a simple metal guard that you can move with your hand to keep the knife away from your precious digits.

3. Another unquestionably awesome tool is the silicone pot holder, ideally two of them. They are slightly more expensive than cloth pot holders, but they work infinitely better, having the same versatility and more protection against getting burned. Even wearing a good cloth oven mitt you can feel the heat of the pan on your hand, but with silicone pot holders the pan would have to be amazingly hot for you to feel a thing.

4. This one is for all those girls who feel like they need to get a boyfriend so he can open jars for them. Fear no more, you don’t need a man; you just need an easy twist jar opener. This gadget works like a wrench, with handles further away from the jar to give you more torque while maintaining a good grip on the lid. Girl power!

5. The last gadget could save you from looking like a wimp in front of your friends. Onion goggles are not the next new thing in fashion, but they keep you from tearing up when onions attack. They also make a good addition to a mad scientist costume, so they might be a good investment for next Halloween.

If you want to show off your awesome skills in the kitchen, these are the items to get. They could also make good gifts for friends or family in the next few weeks — all of them can be ordered online for under twenty dollars — but it is understandable if you want to keep them all to yourself. Nerds, cooking fanatics and average students alike can always use another gadget in the kitchen.