Upheaval: A Revolution of the Arts returns to MSU

Would you like to defeat the stereotype of being a starving artist? Do you want to meet other artists, share ideas and get inspired? Any chance you or a friend have some art on hand, ready to sell? The 9th annual Upheaval: A Revolution of the Arts Student Art Sale and Show will soon arrive, giving students across campus the opportunity to submit art, meet with fellow artists and make some money.

The Exit Gallery and the Office of Activities and Engagement have paired up to bring this event to the Strand Union Building Ballrooms for three creativity-soaked days in November. Paintings, jewelry, sculptures, ceramics, photographs and prints will all be available to admire and purchase.

To participate in Upheaval, head to montana.edu/engagement/events/upheaval and fill out an application or head over to the Exit Gallery in SUB 221 to pick one up. The deadline for applications is Nov. 12. Upheaval encourages all artists with original work to apply, regardless of their major.

Upheaval will begin with an opening reception on Nov. 26 at 5:30 p.m. Live music, food and drink will be present alongside the art. The event focuses on fusing student art with community participation, and welcomes everybody on campus and in Bozeman. “I am really excited about involving the student voice and supporting their visions for Upheaval: A Revolution of the Arts,” said Robin Mayer, Program Coordinator at the Office of Activities and Engagements.

Artists who participate in Upheaval benefit not only by meeting other artists and selling their work, but also by keeping 90 percent of the money the event earns. Mayer explained that the remaining 10 percent is used for “the support of this event such as food for the reception, advertising, necessary fixtures, credit card machine rental and supplies, etc.” and that “none of the event sponsors profit from this event.”

On opening night, arts guilds will have the chance to educate the public by demonstrating their creative processes.

Upheaval: A Revolution of the Arts will be held Nov. 26 – 28 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. in the SUB Ballrooms. Send your questions to Robin Mayer at robin.mayer@montana.edu or Hannah Safford at asmsuarts@msu.montana.edu, or call (406) 994-2837.