Put some pumpkin in it

Yellowed leaves line every curb, the breath of students is visible against the bricks in the early glow, and the hipster you pass on the way to calculus has grown out his moustache to resemble a walrus. There’s only one thing for cold October mornings like these — a pumpkin latte. This fall delicacy can be made at home or bought in a coffee shop.

If you have an espresso machine at home, making a pumpkin latte is simple. I use canned pumpkin, but I imagine real raw pumpkin could be run through a food processor to achieve a similar paste. In either case, put a few tablespoons of pumpkin and a couple ounces of boiling water into a cup, while stirring. Then steam your milk and pull shots as you would normally. After everything is in the cup, you can add a sprinkle of cinnamon or nutmeg for the finishing touch. You can also make a pumpkin chai following the same recipe, and with a little whiskey you’ll have a great nightcap.

I enjoy making myself a latte, but this week I became the lucky recipient of a raging head cold. With a little spare change and a head full of enough cold medicine to tranquilize small game, I decided to go out for coffee. Lucky I did, otherwise I may not have discovered the wonderful fall drinks served by The Daily Coffee Bar.

The Daily is located on the corner of College St. and 11th Ave., with another location on Rouse Ave. Their special fall drinks include apple cider, pumpkin lattes and gingerbread lattes. Although many coffee shops in Bozeman serve a pumpkin latte, they usually use pre-made syrup. At The Daily Coffee Bar, they use real pumpkin and make their pumpkin and gingerbread syrup in-house almost daily (honestly, no pun intended).

My pumpkin latte from The Daily was not too sweet, which is rare for me when ordering flavored drinks. For those who prefer their coffee to taste like candy, there’s no shame in asking for a little extra syrup.

Although the pumpkin latte was delicious, be sure not to overlook the gingerbread latte. Even without a head full of cough syrup, I would probably do any number of embarrassing things for The Daily’s gingerbread latte recipe. The Daily has combined caffeine and childhood snow-day memories in this single drink, which will wake you up and comfort you all at once.

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