Cruzado changes MSU fight song to ‘Blue Bobcat Cup’

Students emphatically enjoy their new blue Bobcat cups. Photo by Trevor Nelson

Shortly after introducing the community to MSU’s Presidential Commission on Substance Abuse Prevention (PCSAP), President Waded Cruzado officially changed the university’s fight song to “Blue Bobcat Cup.”

The song, a parody of Toby Keith’s “Red Solo Cup,” was created by members of the Montana State Quarterback Club. It has been on YouTube since Sept. 24 and received mixed reviews.

“All I see here is the promotion of underage drinking, bad singing and mediocre football,” reads one comment, which does not display immediately because it “has received too many negative votes.”

The fight song change came soon after the Bozeman Daily Chronicle’s recent article highlighting university administration’s efforts to change “the culture of college students whose social lives revolve around drinking.” Although the committee hotly debated the apparent ideological inconsistency of the “substance abuse prevention” campaign and the “Blue Bobcat Cup” promotion, they decided the timing was too good to pass up. With the committee’s approval, Cruzado declared the new fight song just in time for MSU’s Parent/Family Weekend.

Associated Students of Montana State University (ASMSU) President Kiah Abbey, a key member of the PCSAP, believes that changing the song is an important step in changing MSU’s public image. “Most people don’t think of MSU as a ‘party school,’ and we want to change that,” she said. “We have been working toward this change since Convocation, when [ASMSU Vice President] Lindsay Murdock and I boycotted actually singing the fight song. We pretended we were going to at the end, but the number of students leaving the Fieldhouse proved that nobody likes that song anymore.”

ASMSU senators helped make and distribute the cups for Saturday’s football game, which proved especially popular among alumni.

Among them was Bob Watson, a mechanical engineer from the class of ‘89. “I think the Blue Bobcat Cups are just great,” he remarked. “They’re a great way to nurture Bobcat spirit in the next generation of MSU football fans — although we alumni do our part by buying students drinks at bars.”

The most difficult aspect of the decision was determining whether “Blue Bobcat Cup” was too long for the average student’s attention span. “It’s kind of a long song,” Matt Caires, Dean of Students and PCSAP member, admitted, “but we feel it expresses contemporary ideas and speaks to today’s students more than ‘Stand Up and Cheer,’ the old fight song. If there is one thing I’ve learned in my time here in Bozeman, it’s that students will stick with things they are passionate about.” As evidence, Caires cited the approximately 20 percent of MSU students who graduate in four years.

Students already seem more passionate about the new fight song, Abbey said, because they can relate to lines like “sometimes we just get drunk” and “it sucks when you gotta go pee.”

“Let’s be real, nobody uses the word ‘vim’ anymore,” Abbey said. “But we all like to party.”

Cruzado believes making the song an official symbol of the university “sends the world an important message about our values here at Montana State.” She explained that “activities outside of the classroom are what make this university tick. We want students to have blue and gold running through their veins. And maybe, just maybe, the alcohol content of that blue and gold is above .08. Go Cats.”

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Disclaimer: The Sugarbeet is a biweekly satire feature. It falsely quotes public figures and non-existent people and sometimes completely makes stuff up in the name of stimulating discussion around critical community issues.