Avoiding frozen yogurt meltdowns

For those of you who are newcomers to Bozeman, you may not know that there are three self-serve yogurt shops in town: U-Swirl, Moberry and Culture (which is both a yogurt and coffee shop).

U-Swirl is at the corner of 19th Ave. and Main St. in the Safeway parking lot, Moberry is on West Kagy Blvd. and Culture is the closest to campus, on West College St. between 10th and 11th Ave. All of these shops are wonderful, but the biggest problem when going to any of them is deciding what to get.

You may not have the same problem I do, but when I go to a yogurt shop my taste buds tingle while my brain overloads and goes blank. I bite my lip and think, “Which flavor should I get? Everything looks so good…ooh, there are loads of toppings! Well, I better just get all of it.” Then, my yogurt ends up tasting like 25 different kinds of disgusting. Through many years of practice and study I have learned that less is truly more when it comes to yogurt and topping combinations.

One of my favorite “recipes” for frozen yogurt is “Fondue.” This personal creation consists of chocolate or vanilla yogurt with kiwi, raspberries, strawberries and pineapple, topped with either chocolate shell or hot fudge. Simple, yet effective, this recipe is good when you want something yummy that does not require a lot of brainpower.

Another “recipe” I have discovered is “Crème Brulée.” Take caramel or vanilla yogurt, top it with something crunchy like cereal, and then add strawberries and caramel sauce. This creates a crème brulée-like texture and flavor that is scrumptious and refreshing.

While one should not overload his or her yogurt, it is also important to try new things. As Nathan Fritz, a sophomore at MSU, said, “Trying new things adds flavor to your life, and your yogurt.” So don’t be afraid to try those weird bubble-looking things that you have no idea how to eat. Just go for it, but only try a couple new things per yogurt experience or you will end up with a cornucopia of grossness.

Most of all, don’t hesitate when you want to treat yourself to a cup of yogurt. It’s fairly healthy, and it tastes amazing. But always remember this: When consuming yogurt creations, one must keep in mind that less is more, and that the yogurt itself is what makes it yummy. The toppings are just delicate additions to the already delectable fare we call frozen yogurt.