A Change in Season and Wardrobe

Why do trees change the color of their leaves as summer turns to autumn? Science pinpoints color pigments as the cause, but I prefer to think the trees simply share the same idea that I have: It’s time to get ready for fall fashion.

Fall is widely considered to be fashion’s richest season due to the near unlimited possibilities provided by the weather. Like any season, there are guidelines for dressing well. However, fall is renowned for the incredible amount of experimentation that can take place.

Just like the trees, different colors begin to emerge in the clothes people wear. Rich earth tones replace the bright, contrasting colors of summer. Darker shades of orange and green become more appropriate to wear, with ochre, burnt orange, rust, and olive being the ultimate achievement.

For anyone attempting to try something new, look towards a shade of green known as luden. This color has its roots in army apparel and is incredibly easy to pair with other colors, almost bordering the neutral level of greys and blues.

Along with a deeper spectrum of color, fall brings the opportunity to add texture to your attire. The best way to experiment with texture is to layer your outfits, adding scarf to jacket to sweater to shirt.

Every citizen of Bozeman needs a plethora of jackets for the unpredictable weather, so this is a good place to start. If you are looking to move past the all-powerful ski coat, a basic field jacket or pullover windbreaker is an opportune alternative. Local thrift stores are a great place to purchase these items cheaply and, while you’re there, see if they carry any surplus army jackets – you’ll be surprised by how good they can look.

When the fall air turns from pleasant to bitter cold, turn to a simple pea coat. Also, a down jacket or vest is one of the best hybrids of functionality and style on the market.

Sweaters are another great option for adding both warmth and texture to your outfit, with cardigans, v-necks and crew-necks all working beautifully. Cable knit designs are a way to add thicker texture, giving your grandmother’s homemade Christmas gift new life.

Greater texture can also be achieved by using different fabrics. Corduroy, wool (including flannel and tweed), moleskin, suede and cashmere are all considered quintessential fall fabrics.

Finally, nothing says fall more than scarves, hats and gloves. These accessories aren’t always necessary, but when combined with great color and texture they give a full, complete look to a fall outfit.


Five Essential Fall Items:

  • Brown suede shoes
  • Cashmere scarf
  • Grey wool sweater
  • Thick-wale corduroy pants
  • Field jacket