Bozeman-Based Film Company Releases Third Movie

With school back in session and winter quickly approaching, it is once again time for the annual array of ski movie premieres. Bozeman’s first and most anticipated premiere this year will be a ski film by the local company Toy Soldier Productions.

Toy Soldier Productions (TSP) was started in 2009 by MSU graduate Justin Brodin. Brodin’s first and second films as the company’s producer and founder focused on general ski culture in Montana and the northwest, respectfully.

This year’s film installment is the company’s first of its kind. “Act Natural” follows TSP’s numerous skiers as they travel across the country, set up jumps and slopes and ski wherever they can.

The small team of close friends includes a plethora of MSU students and graduates. Their primary editor and cinematographer, Jonny Durst, graduated from MSU and has come to know current MSU students and avid skiers Shay Lee and Finn Anderson.

The process of making “Act Natural” started at the first snowfall of last ski season and continued all the way through early summer of this year.

After spending all winter travelling and filming, the crew returned to their respective homes and began the editing process. TSP is set apart from most film companies in that their skiers play a large role in editing their own clips.

The movie is “heavily rider influenced,” Durst said. Each rider has their own segment in the film which was edited with their own input. This means the movie “has a lot of variety,” Brodin said, and “covers the whole spectrum” of types of skiers.

The world premiere of “Act Natural” will take place on Friday, Sept. 7 with showings at 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. at The Emerson Theatre. The premieres will not only show the film, but will also have the skiers and production crew present for meeting and signing autographs.

Members of TSP will also give away schwag and talk to the audience before the film. “It’s an all-around event, not just a movie,” Durst said. “We want people cheering and yelling for their friends.”

Tickets are available for $12 at Chalet Sports, Helly Hansen and Culture, or for $15 at the Emerson on the day of the event. You can also watch the trailer for “Act Natural” at