Valentine’s Day in 2012

I have been seeing this girl for about a month, what should I do for her on Valentine’s Day? What is appropriate and what isn’t?

Is February really the time for romance? How is this relationship going so far? First and foremost it seems like you’re really diggin’ this chick, because you want to take her out on Valentine’s Day. But is she into you?

If the signs say “go”, then start simple. What does she like? It’s okay to ask the lady. A month of dating is short but let’s work at this. Why does it have to be Feb. 14? Be a tad more creative and make the special day all about the upcoming weekend.

Are you a classic gentleman? Feed her food that is easily digestable (sex later? Yes please!). You could even take her out Saturday night, making it your “own” Valentine’s Day. Or on the 14th, you could bring her to Plonk (make reservations!).

Dinner route not looking too hot? A nice play-date would be fun. No don’t play with her, yet. I am talking about a nice winter hike, ice climbing, a stroll downtown, skiing/snowboarding, a drive to a “special” spot or an adventure to the hot springs. (If you need more epic ideas, check out the centerfold)

Still not liking this advice? If you want to save some cash make her a Valentine’s Day card. Don’t buy her a store bought card, that’s tacky. If you make a card, this is showing your partner that you put a little extra effort to make her feel special. Not that creative? No biggie, she’ll still like it.

Attach pieces of candy and pick out her favorite gummy colors.

Unless she has the entire Disney princess movie collection in her house and still sleeps with stuffed animals, leave the teddy bear holding the heart at the store.

The Sex

Nervous about the sex on Valentine’s Day? Get over it. More importantly, don’t make it such a big deal. When sex is put on the pedestal it makes it less enjoyable, because you think about it too much. Let the passion flow naturally, and if you don’t have sex on Valentine’s Day that’s okay.

Perhaps after a play date, you could suggest a nice hot shower to get all the dirt (and her off).