Hottest Date Restaurants in Town


Over the Tapas – 19 S. Wilson in Downtown Bozeman

Over the Tapas boasts traditional, Spanish inspired “tapas” (small plates that promote sharing) with a variety of foods, from mini beef-sliders, to Cajun shrimp and delectable vegetarian options.  While the space is small, it feels like it was plucked out of the heart of Los Angeles’ trendiest district. There’s a great variety of quality food and drink that leaves you more than satisfied by the end. Small dishes run anywhere from $4-$12. Worth the money and time.

Sweet Chile’s Asian Bistro – 101 E. Main Street Suite 1

For those of you who are more daring, this restaurant boasts Thai, Chinese and Japanese-style food.  Dishes range from noodles to seafood (including exotic alligator), with a handy spice rating system. With tables and a Buddha bar, there is more than enough space for two, or for group dinner dates.  Prices for individual dishes range from $10-$30, and you receive a good portion for the price.


Montana Aleworks

Many of us dread Valentine’s Day for its ability to suck the wallet dry. Trying to make the experience memorable and classy often translates into expensive. However, this time you’re in luck. A local legend whose name inspires awe and salivation in the mouths of people everywhere has you and your wallet covered: Montana Aleworks.

Aleworks is the epitome of the epic college hangout with great food, over 40 local and regional beers on tap and a kickass atmosphere complete with pool tables and big TVs. This Valentine’s Day, Aleworks is making the customer’s time memorable.

“We want our customers to feel special and set apart from the normal restaurant experience this  Valentine’s Day,” explained Sean Faris, assistant manager at Aleworks. “We will be taking reservations throughout the restaurant.” People walking in without a reservation will still be able to find a table (Note: sitting in the Grill Room will require a reservation).

In addition to their regular menu, Aleworks will be cooking some awesome specials. Seafood lovers will appreciate Valentine’s Day specials, with dishes like Sashimi grade Ahi Tuna and Fresh Penn Cove Mussels. “It’s amazing that we can serve mussels the same day they’re harvested on the coast,” boasted Sean.

If food that once walked on land is more your flavor, hearty Kobe beef and Duck Breast will also be served. Drink specials for the night will include fancy non-alcoholic beverages. For those of you with food allergies, many of their dishes and a selection of beers are gluten-free, or can be made so.

Aleworks has great value for the exceptional and diverse food they serve with dishes priced between $5.50 and $14.50, and specials and steaks being in the $20-$40 range. If you’re really short on funds, happy hour is from 4-6, where beer and small plates can be had for under $6.

Sean couldn’t have summed it up better when he said “the people of Bozeman are important to us; whether you’re out on a date, out with the buds, or with the parents, Aleworks works for all occasions.”

Reservations can be made by calling (406) 587-7700. Montana Aleworks is located at 611 East Main Street, on the corner of Main and Wallace.