A Question of V-day

Dear Aspen,

What’s with all this hype over Valentine’s Day? I’m single and have no plans, and I’m getting all sorts of pity from my friends. Is there something I’m missing out on?

Your friends might think that your day will be incomplete without a Valentine’s Day celebration. They may feel that dinners, giant teddy bears and soon-to-be-dead flowers best represent the love (or lust) they share with their significant other. However considering its history, there is no reason you should feel anything other than relieved to be single on Feb. 14.

Valentine’s Day history is shrouded in mystery. There were three saints named Valentine that could have provided a basis for the holiday, although the most well-known legend is that of a priest who continued to hold secret marriages for young men after it had been outlawed, until he was put to death.

Pope Gelasius officially declared Feb. 14 Valentine’s Day in the fifth century. Conveniently, the beginning of bird’s mating season in England falls around the same time, lending to the theory of romance. From this point on, Valentine’s Day became a day for expressing romance toward one’s significant other.

Sorry for the mini history lesson, but it’s important to realize how materialized this holiday has become. While it used to be about romance, it is now trivialized into trinkets and disposable flowers. Your friends are worried about how you’ll fare? They should be more concerned with the fact that now they have to carry that giant teddy bear everywhere for the next three hours.

Valentine’s Day is another day. How you feel on this day should not be based on whether or not you’ve been given any chocolate, but whether you’ve had a day you won’t regret. Rather than worrying about someone else, worry about yourself. Take the time to do something special for you, and give the hysteria some time to cool down. Tomorrow will come soon enough.

If you really can’t handle the excessive PDA and foolishness around you, water balloons work fantastically for breaking up squirming couples.